Director Doug Sakmann, my co-star Tommy Pistol, and I were all sitting around drinking beers on a regular evening in September, when Tommy Pistol turns to me and says, “Joanna, Burning Angel should make some kind of a freaky zombie porno for Halloween.” I paused. The idea fascinated me. I would have transformed into a “zombie bitch” right then and there had the resources been available. Sakmann, a cheesy horror movie addict and director of the comedic slasher flick, Punk Rock Holocaust, immediately began to brainstorm. In his lifelong resume of odd and perverse accomplishments, he had yet to direct a porno. Within a matter of three weeks, Re-Penetrator transformed from an idea to a finished product. The production was a twelve-hour from dusk till dawn shoot that resulted in a cum-fueled, blood-soaked parody of the classic 80’s horror movie Re-Animator, aptly titled Re-Penetrator. The project was a result of the combined efforts of a team of talented individuals with an unexplored fetish for blood, zombies, and sex.

So What Actually Happens In The Movie?
is a pornographic spoof of H.P Lovecraft’s 80’s horror flick Re-Animator. Re-Penetrator is the story of a stripper (Joanna Angel), who after being dead for twenty years, is resurrected back to life by a perverted mad scientist (Dr. Breast). Dr. Breast vaginally injects the long-dead, but exquisitely preserved, exotic dancer with special serum so the re-penetrated corpse will return from the VIP room in hell and crave nothing but sex. After he injects her with a gooey green potion the stripper awakens with an insatiable craving for balls, and she fucks the mad scientist from the gurney to the grave.

I Heard This Shit Got Banned. What's up with that?
went live at on Monday, October 25th, 2004, just in time for Halloween. The film had mixed reviews from the subscribers; some were thoroughly disturbed and some were strangely aroused, but regardless, the company had pride in their perverted zombie-core production. After a mere twenty-four hours of having the film on the site, the staff of Burning Angel received a thoroughly disappointing email stating the following: “The Policy Review Department has determined that your account is non-compliant due to depictions of extreme violence. To be more specific, any and all images and/or movies involving blood must be removed from your site…” Joanna Angel, owner of as well as the star of the flick, thought for sure there was a way to get around the issue. Perhaps a simple disclaimer stating that indeed the blood was fake, or that the mutilation present in the film is nothing but special effects. Particularly in an industry that thrives off of truly violent pornography, she felt the case was ridiculous. After several attempts to reason with their billing company, Burning Angel conceded and took the film off the site. The representative on the phone said it himself—that it’s not his job to regulate content, but they have to follow the rules, and Re-Penetrator is a blatant violation. After a few weeks of searching, Burning Angel found a new zombie-friendly billing company. It was tough work, but Joanna Angel had a personal vendetta to please everyone and anyone who appreciated extreme violence and depictions of blood as much as she did.

So sign up and see the cult classic for yourself… who knows how long it will be here?

What Do Other People Say About Re-Penetrator?

"...Joanna Angel recently got down and bloody for a 12-hour shoot that resulted in a cum-fueled, scream-soaked parody of the classic 80s horror movie Re-Animator"
- AVN Online

"... it tells the story of a dead stripper who "fucks the mad scientist from the gurney to the grave.” Our, er, spines are tingling just thinking about it. "
- Fleshbot

"The production uses a plethora of fake blood — a mixture of maple syrup and food coloring — during sex scenes."
- xbiz

"There’s lots of fake blood shooting out from all sorts of orifices,” she continued. “I mean, the thing is funny.”
-AVN Online "Banned"

"Just don’t watch it at work… "
- Fangoria

"We are proud to be part of this zobie porn project?
- ThumbXXX.Net

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